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Masonry Service Review

Posted by on Aug 8, 2015 in Home Improvement | 0 comments

The mortar on brick exterior of my early 1900’s investment property was in pretty serious need of repair. The mortar was crumbling and it needed a re-pointing job done which is a version of tuckpointing. I was concerned about finding a trustworthy contractor to complete such a large job. The house is of significant size and the entire exterior is brick. I needed to find a contractor who paid attention to the details and used more or less “old-school” masonry methods. After all, I did not want the integrity and the visual appeal of the brick exterior to be ruined. So many contractors these days have no clue what they are doing and will leave you with a hack job in the end. Often resulting in higher costs to fix than the original job. Ask me how I know…

So I set out, on what I though may be an impossible quest, to find the right masonry contractor for the job. I had a few narrowed down after about a week or so of weeding through reviews and making phone calls. I decided on three contractors that I would get estimates from. Well, the first two that came out didn’t impress me. The first was rude and cocky and priced far too high and the second one they sent out a youngster that was far too young to have enough experience under his belt. So I went on to number three and let me tell you, this time, I was not disappointed. You could tell he had just come from another job and had been working hard all day. His handshake was firm and that went a long way with me.


Customer Service

Mark and Vickie, the owners of Mead’s Masonry Repair, are quick to respond and always answered my questions very thoroughly. They went out of their way to provide great customer service. What I mean is, when I first called them, I didn’t realize that I was not in their service area. However, I found out later that I was just on the edge and Mark was doing a job nearby so he decided to take on my estimate.

Mark actually stayed in his personal camper on my property for two weeks, only going home on weekends, to finish my large brick repair job. This particular investment property is vacant so that arrangement worked out quite well. It showed me his level of dedication to his company and to his customers and I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Quality of Work

I am beyond impressed with the quality of work that Mark did on this old house. He maintained the integrity of the exterior flawlessly while repairing the brick. He delivered on exactly what I wanted and I was not disappointed in the least.


Overall, I cannot recommend Mead’s Masonry Repair highly enough. I will definitely be calling them in the future for all my masonry needs. Learn more about this masonry repair contractor – BBB page.

I couldn’t get a video of Mead’s Masonry Repair, but this video shows the process of tuckpointing/re-pointing and brick repair in general.

Welcome to

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ohio Countryside

Welcome to 1st Call a directory and review blog for local businesses in Ohio. Thanks for paying me a visit. My hope for this site is to provide my personal experience and reviews on local Ohio companies that I have done business with. I personally try to give the smaller companies my business and often I am not disappointed. The service is typically unparalleled and most of these folks will bend over backwards to help you out and give you the royalty treatment.

On this site I will be giving reviews on a variety of small business products and services. I will let you know about the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve been around the block in my years and I have seen some dubious practices in the businesses I have dealt with as well as met some of the finest, most honest people on the planet. The latter group definitely deserves a positive mention on the world wide web. Do they still call it that? I may be dating myself here…

For now this will be a directory only for Ohio-based businesses since the Buckeye State is where I call home. I may add one or two review posts in here if I find a worthy mention during my travels. However, I don’t do that too often. We are what you would call homebodies. We have started going more places now that the kids are grown and out of the house. I guess we will just see where this thing goes.

Right now I have a few businesses lined up that I just haven’t gotten the chance to write out just yet. As I said earlier, there will be a mix of products and services added in here. I expect there to be quite a few reviews on home improvement services as I am retired and have nothing better to do than to fix up this old house. Or on the other hand, everything in the house seems to break at once leading us to having visits from electricians and plumbers in the same week. That’s a story for another time I suppose. Also there will probably be stuff related to my hobbies and interests. My wife and I also travel some now that we have an empty nest so there may be some entries on the places we visited or lodging and such.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and hopefully I will have the first review up here shortly. For now, I wish you well and hope you all are out enjoying this Ohio summer we are having. So I will leave you with a video of my beautiful Buckeye State.